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Established in 2009, Ajazz has gained a reputation for affordable peripherals in the gaming world. With the ambition of crafting every peripheral equipment extraordinary, we at Ajazz are motivated to integrate groundbreaking concepts and original aesthetics into keyboards, mouses, earphones, office sets, gaming peripherals, etc. 

We constantly listen to every customer’s voice and always lay great emphasis on the users’ experience during the procedure from ergonomic product development to customer service. Supported by completely developed supply chains and secured logistics, we are able to bring premium affordable products with top-notch customer services to each of you all over the world. Focusing on innovation and quality, we not only create our own switches and products but also have fostered strong collaborations with Cherry and Gateron to fulfill the increasing demand of office and gaming users. 

Our featured products, the K870T and the K620T stand out on the market once they are released. As compact keyboards, they reduce the numpad to save more space for the mouse; with the easy Bluetooth access, the keyboards can be connected wirelessly; the K620T keyboard even contains a slot for tablets and smartphones; when the DIY version comes out, it is more convenient for those who would like to change their typing experience by replacing the switches. 

Keeping duty and efficiency in mind, we are fully prepared for crafting more remarkable peripherals to add sparkles to your life. Take your life experience to a new level with Ajazz!

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