AK820 Pro

comes equipped with a TFT Screen, serving as your interactive interface for real-time updates and customization. The high-definition display allows for customizable visuals, battery status, date & time display, connectivity & OS display, and backlight effects.

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75% Gasket-mounted

AK832 Pro

Bluetooth 5.1/2.4G Wireless & Type-C Wired Low-profile Keyboard with LED Screen, 1.6M RGB

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Customized Mouse


Wired & Wireless Gaming Mouse with TTC Encoder Wheel

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Sky Blue Switch

composed of PC top & bottom cases, metallic springs and gold-plated pins, which are all durable materials that can preserve in various environments and living conditions

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Ajazz AS Switch

From $10.99

Smooth and Steady as Always, Gold-Plated Pins & POM Stem, Durable and Low Maintenance, High Compatibility with Hot-swappable Socket, Meet all your need in Transparent Beauty

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Black Friday Sale Announcement

Hey everyone! Black Friday is coming! Are you ready to enjoy shopping? The best discounts of the year are waiting for you! Don’t miss this great sale! Come on! Go shopping! Start: 00:00...
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Welcome to the official website of Ajazz!

Established in 2009, Ajazz has gained a reputation for affordable peripherals in the gaming world. With the ambition of crafting every peripheral equipment extraordinary, we at Ajazz are motivated to integrate groundbreaking concepts...
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What Our Customers Say...

See what other people, prototype testers and supporters told about us.

K620T v2.0

Any keyboard really is going to do the trick of course, but the additional features that this keyboard has are kinda awesome for what I need it for. The ability to connect this keyboard to bluetooth means that I can type with my phone as well! Monkeytype can be downloaded on a phone and can be played using this keyboard.

- Oliver Black

Ajazz Diced Fruit Switch

I have been typing with the Peach linear switch from the Ajazz Diced Fruit switch line for about three days now. I really love the sound of them, the weight of them, and can easily compare them to Banana Splits by C^3Equalz X TKC. To me, these feel a tad “heavier” than the Banana Splits and have more of a ‘thock’ sound. They’re audibly pleasing as well as visually pleasing.

- Haley Tyler

K620T V1.0

Essentially a no compromises typing solution for doing homework at starbucks etc. Feels heavy enough, heavier than my chinese mech desktop keyboard I used to use, but lighter than my built desktop keyboard. Perfect balance of weight and build to transportability.

- Father

Ajazz AC064 KIT

very nice 65 percent, put some new keycaps and tuned the stabs and i personally really like it, especially for the price.

- iann

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