Ajazz has a long story providing gamers and typist around the world some of the best products with quality and affordability in mind.


Established in 2009, Ajazz has gained a reputation for affordable peripherals in the gaming world. With the ambition of crafting every peripheral equipment extraordinary, we at Ajazz are motivated to integrate groundbreaking concepts and original aesthetics into keyboards, mouses, earphones, office sets, gaming peripherals, etc. 


We constantly listen to every customer’s voice and always lay great emphasis on the users’ experience during the procedure from ergonomic product development to customer service. Supported by completely developed supply chains and secured logistics, we are able to bring premium affordable products with top-notch customer services to each of you all over the world. Focusing on innovation and quality, we not only create our own switches and products but also have fostered strong collaborations with Cherry and Gateron to fulfill the increasing demand of office and gaming users. 


To explore more possibilities, we have developed keyboards in different layouts including full size, TKL, and various compact sizes, along with gaming mouses, TWS, and gamepads. Our goal is to amplify innovative voices and to benefit more and more users by creative achievements.


As a branch of Epomaker, Ajazz has been always dedicated to bring the nature to the gaming world. Over the years, our creative team have never ceased to search for the balance in invigorating and functional designs. We have introduced the series of keyboards with gasket mount to envisage our ideas, such as AC081, AK816, AC067 Cheese, AK966 in three themes, etc.
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