FirstBlood B81
75% Hotswappable Themed Keyboard The Firstblood B81 keyboard is designed with a 75% layout to be more suitable for both office typing and gamers. The 75% layout typically includes all the alphanumeric keys, function row, navigation cluster, and a compact...
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FirstBlood B67 Mojito
FirstBlood B67 Mojito Special Edition Inspired by the refreshing colors of a Mojito cocktail, the B67 Mojito Special Edition embodies the vibrant hues of yellow and green, accompanied by a transparent and translucent feel. With its interplay of light and...
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FirstBlood B6
6 Keys Mechanical Numeric Keypad Introducing the hottest addition to your keyboard arsenal - our FIRSTBLOOD B6 6-key hotswappable number pad with an alluring thick acrylic case! This sleek and stylish number pad is a game-changer, delivering unparalleled performance and...
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